Siang Pure Balm – Plai formula





Our website offers an entire collection of balms that are produced in Thailand. They originate from the arts of Chinese medicine and are composed of herbs. Siang Pure Balm – plai formula 20g is a new version of the Tiger Balm. It comes in a pot that is wrapped in a stylish package.

The balm helps to relieve muscle and joint pain as well as rheumatism, sprains, and common aches. The addition of plai to this herbal formula has improved the product’s performance. To treat muscle and joint pain you can apply a layer of balm and gently massage it on the affected area two or three times a day. It promotes blood circulation, oxygenates the muscles and helps reduce the pain of inflammation. You can also use Siange Pure Balm on insect bites, burns, and skin irritations. The ingredients are listed on the label. It contains menthol 28.0%, methyl salicylate: 10.0%, 16.0% camphor and plai oil. Siang Pure Balm is a light cream and a miracle cure for muscle and joint pain.

Composition :

menthol 28.0%
methyl salicylate: 10.0%
camphor 16.0%
plai oil 10.0%

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