Beauty Buffet Scentio Milk Plus Whitening Q10 Hand Cream




Hand and Nail Care Cream – Pure Milk Protein Formula, nourishes skin which is dry and lacks of special nourishment with non-tenacious cream texture, mild fragrance, and smooth and mild touch, and nourishes hand and nail skin with value of milk protein causing feel of moisturized skin and smooth and non-dry and rough skin, in combination with CoenzymeQ-10 that helps protect skin from external pollution for skin with naturally juvenile and wrinkle lessening look , in combination with VITAMIN C and B3 that makes look of bright, smooth, likely touching skin, together with Collagen and Aloe Vera that improve skin moisture, help longer moisture, helps prevent skin from irritation. The outcome is the delicate, smooth and likely touching skin.


How to use:
Apply cream over the hand area and message for absorption into skin, and use frequently as required.


Size: 30ml


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