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Siang Pure Balm – chili formula can help with aches and pains

If you are having trouble with aches and pains in your body, then consider purchasing the Siang Pure Balm – chili formula 20 g. This formula not only help with aches and pains, but it also relieves pains associated with sprains, rheumatism and muscle pains. This balm is not a new medicine – it has been used in Asia for many centuries with wonderful results. The Siang Pure Balm comes from Thailand and many muay thai athletics use this after a match. The chili formula works well with aches and pains, in that it helps relax the muscles with its medical properties.

This balm is similar to the Tiger Balm that is popular. It works in much of the same way as the Tiger Balm does. The Siang Pure Balm is made from plants, which makes it a natural balm. This product is sold in two forms – in the pot as well as the essence version. The look and design of the packaging that the Siang Pure Balm comes in has been updated. The product remains the same, no alternations to the formula have been made. If you are in need of a pain reliever and traditional medicine is not working for you anymore, then the Siang Pure Balm – chili formula could really be a lifesaver and help your aches and pains.

Composition :

menthol 28.0%
camphor 16.0%
chili oil 6.0%

20g – $24.90

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