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Suitable for all skin types

Along with increases in age, the HA in skin gradually runs off and
the water level inside skin drops. Skin becomes inelasitc and loses its

With the 1st HA injection technology, inject micrometric HA and
Fibroxyl, an anti-wrinkle and firming active ingredient, into your skin,
to fill up lines and restore skin plumpiness. With cushion-cream
texture, your skin is intensely moisturized and continuously hydrated.

Clinical Tests prove obvious results :
4 weeks:
1. Under eye lines -18%
2. Nasolabial folds -20%

8 weeks:
1. Skin is plumpier +26%

Continuously hydrate the skin up to 48 hours

Apply : Apply appropriate amount on palm after cleansing and toning,
rub gently and press evenly on face. Recommended to massage for
activating the blood circulation and metabolism.

USD 35.99 – THB 1150

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